Mom to a beautiful little baby boy (who at 3 isn't such a baby anymore but always will be to me!) and the sweetest 9 month old baby girl, my world was turned upside down when my son came along in December of 2014. With all the craziness of the birth, becoming a first-time mom and everything that goes with it, it honestly never occurred to me to get professional images done of my sweet little boy when I had the chance. I remember my sister in law telling me at the time that her one regret with her own son was that she never got many pictures of him as a newborn and how that time was so short and fleeting that it was gone before she could even think about it. I just took that to mean more cellphone pictures of my own little one! Four months after he was born we visited my sister in Dubai who is a fashion photographer and offered to do a little baby portrait session for us while we were there. Who knew that those images would soon become my most prized possession.. I now have a wall collage of prints from that session up in my bedroom where I can look at them first thing as soon as I wake up, and last thing before I go to bed. Every. Single. Day. And it never gets old. My only regret? Not getting that session done sooner- when he was a teeny tiny curly little newborn. This regret is what inspired me to learn everything I could about baby photography and capture my baby girl in all her tiniest, curliest moments, and to become a natural-light newborn & baby photographer myself- to try and help other moms capture beautiful, authentic memories of their little ones like I so wish I had done for my little guy.

​A little bit about me outside of being a Mom & Photographer: I was a Digital Producer & Designer in the Visual Effects industry for 8 years, an Architect briefly before that & have been a Cupcake Obsessionist for most of my life. I take my cupcakes seriously and believe that cupcakes can make the world a better place! If I wasn't a Photographer, I probably would have been a Cupcake Designer :)

​Thank you for being here, I hope you like what you see!